American Heritage Carlyle Series 390001 Tournament Size and Quality Foosball Table Review

American Heritage Carlyle Series 390001 Tournament Size and Quality Foosball Table

To begin any foosball game, the ball is served through a hole at the side of the table or simply placed by hand at the feet of a figure in the center of the table. The initial serving side is decided with the toss of a coin. Players attempt to use figures mounting on rotating bars to kick the ball into the opposing goal. Expert players have been known to move the balls at speeds of up to 56 km/hr (35 mph) in competition.

The foosball game is such a delight for anyone who desires recreation as a means to fill in the leisure hours or as a means to ease the stress of a busy day.

The American Heritage Carlyle Series is among the few good foosball table there is anywhere in the world.

It looks classic in style, but with this classic look it combines a classic parquet playing surface with the modern game of the foosball. The American Heritage Carlyle Series has a handful of features.


Adjustable leg levelers

Unlike most foosball tables I’ve seen till date, the American heritage Carlyle series is basically one that has this feature. That’s the adjustable feature where it can basically be moved to a different setting to suit the pace of the game.

3-man goalie system

Most commonly are the one man goalie system, but, this actually makes the game a little bit more competitive with the game play. As you play the game it gets more intense and involving when both players try so hard to play the move past a 3 man goal keeper. For a single one, it could be tough with a pro hand and not to talk of the three men behind the goal post.

Manual scoring system

To describe this, comparing it to more styles where there are surface markings just like an actual football field. For the American Heritage Carlyle System there are no markings, but just a hole directly opposite to the three man goalies and this hole actually is akin to the snooker board where the ball gets potted into the body of the board to earn a point. So you actually score a goal the same way with the American Heritage Carlyle foosball table.

Board players

More like the classic styles of players, the American Heritage Carlyle Series 390001 system is basically the same. If not well looked, it might be judged for a first series foosball boards or an early production. But the style of the players gives one the feeling of the history of the game itself.

Other features of the american heritage carlyle foosball table

  1. Foosball Table Dimensions: 34.5″H x 30.5″W x 62″D
  2. Cup holders with leather inserts
  3. Tournament size and quality table
  4. Beautifully trimmed espresso finished cabinet
  5. The playing field dimensions are 46″L x 27″W
  6. Material: Maple Veneer
  7. Espresso Finish


  • It is very unique with the classic style giving a little feeling about the inception of the game as well as keeping users very engaged.
  • It blends well with any kind of furniture design for any home and absolutely guarantees no off putting gaming furniture out of place at some location in the apartment.
  • It is basically a free playing system with no hard rules or friction from the playing surface. It basically allows the user to enjoy his game as he so desires with his strike pattern.
  • The design or materials used during manufacture is basically one of the bests and the polishing of the surface gives it that refreshing look most vendors hardly have.
  • It is a little bit heavy but it actually gets light once it has settled in and actually doesn’t too far from each other that both players might find it less interactive. You can chit chat if you like as you play and the sound from the board doesn’t affect the voice pitch because the board provides a close enough distance.


  • As there are many advantages, there is basically little or no disadvantage whatsoever. The board is actually the best it can be and it gives each buyer the worth for every penny he spends.


Nevertheless, the benefit of the American Heritage Carlyle series 390001 tournament sizes and quality foosball table with two ball returns adjustable leg levelers cup holders with leather inserts and 3-man goalie system in espresso cannot be enjoyed as much as when it is owned. So I leave you the choice to decide if you will eventually enjoy it like it should or would you not rather walk the talk here?