Top 5 Best Folding Pool Table Reviews for 2017

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With the game of pool has increasing in popularity, you should be able to find a pool table that suits your needs well and gives you value for money. 2017 is a year when your search for the best folding pool table, which can double up as a snooker table, billiards table or ping pong table, can come to an end and you will begin to see a marked improvement in your game because you found the right playing surface. The last thing you want to buy is a cheap pool table. Therefore, you might want to take a look at the top five best folding pool table reviews for 2017 so you will not go wrong when making your purchase.

1. Hathaway Maverick

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This small pool table by Hathaway Maverick has received high ratings from its customers. Though it doesn’t boast a slate bed, the high-quality craftsmanship remains high on this portable pool table to ensure a perfect play surface for an unwavering ball return. It offers quality rails, pool table cushion rubbers and a high-quality medium-density fiberboard surface. This foldaway pool table measures only 7 foot and this helps to give it its folding and portability features. Additionally, this pool table can be converted into a table tennis board, which means that you will have both pool and tennis table at home to enjoy. The table consists of red felt and comfortable cushions to make playing times memorable ones. Hathaway Maverick comes with plenty features that will make you feel in control each time you play on the deck. Let this product be your next buy whenever you go shopping for a foldaway pool table.

Key features:​

  • Multi-game table
  • Adjustable legs and leverage
  • Storage capacity
  • Portability
  • Folding legs
  • Affordable buy
  • Easy assembly and pull down
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Has all the equipment for pool and table tennis playing
  • Easy changeover of games from pool to table tennis

2. Hathaway Fairmont

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The Hathaway Fairmont only measures 6 ft but it is a formidable folding pool table to have at home or at the office. The construction of the table leaves nothing to chance and it will definitely give other leading folding pool tables a good run for their money. It has an easy setup mechanism and even your kid at home can easily learn to put it into playing mode. The metal folding legs give you easy adjustable and the leg leverage is a bonus plus that makes it possible for you to play your game level just in case the flooring where the table is standing on is unbalanced. Hathaway Fairmont folding pool table is a top-rated buy you can benefit from once you have it with you inside your home or office because it is made to please its owner in more ways than one.

Key features:​

  • Folding legs
  • Easy portability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Store easily with folding legs
  • Stabilized leg levelers
  • Comes with all accessories such as cues, racks, chalk, a brush, and standard-sized balls
  • Strong and durable
  • Elegant addition to your home furnishings

3. Hathaway Park Avenue

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If flexibility is what counts in your book then the Hathaway Park Avenue folding pool table is worth your time. This innovative table has multifunctional capabilities that make it possible to only not play pool games on it but it can be converted into a billiard and dining table as well. Sturdy legs give the board fine footing and leg leverages makes it easy for you to erect as well as play on it where uneven ground surfaces are concerned. This eloquent folding pool table comes with comfortable seating so persons not participating in the game can sit and watch as you show them some outstanding pool playing. Owning a Hathaway Park Avenue pool table will make you a wise decision maker in the area of pool table choices.

Key features:​

  • Multifunctional pool table
  • Sturdy leg support
  • Has levelers that are built into its composition
  • Comfortable benches for you to eat on, sit and chat with a friend or watch a game of pool or table tennis played by others
  • Easy storage
  • Folding legs feature
  • Classic design
  • Affordable pool table

4. Tekscore Folding Leg Pool Table

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Tekscore has a multifunctional role in that it can be turned into a table tennis board and be used for playing pools as well. Its multifunctional purpose makes it one of the best buys on the market today. The legs are made from sturdy metal that give it its strength to stay on track for many years to come. As with many other pool tables, Tekscore has leg leverages that make it possible for you to play your games on uneven flooring. In addition to other capabilities that this product possesses, the manufacturers give you easy folding feature that allows you to fold and store away the entire play board in seconds. Your time playing pool on a Tekscore pool table will be well spent.

Key features:​

  • Easy portability
  • Easy store away
  • Leg-folding feature
  • Multifunctional capability
  • Pockets made from netting
  • Black finish that has a stylish touch to it
  • Elegant blue cloth
  • Flat playing surface
  • Sturdy metal leg support
  • Durable frame

5. Billiards MDF Pool Table

Billiards MDF pool table features folding-leg innovation that will suit your gameplay anytime and anywhere. It has two back support bars that help to keep it sturdy after setup is completed. Leg panels are constructed in its design to strengthen the structure. This prized piece of work is durable and expected to go a long way. Adjustable knobs are provided to tighten things up if necessary. Your dream of playing great pool will become reality after trying out the Billiards pool table the first time.

Key features:​

  • Great family use pool table
  • Foldable legs feature
  • Great storage feature
  • Great portability feature
  • MDF quality
  • Slate bed construction


Our top five best folding pool table reviews for 2017 is just in and we are pleased with our lineup of awesome tables that you and the entire family can enjoy playing on. Some tables are more affordable than others and so it is advisable that you spend within your budget. Own one of the above pool tables and you will feel like you own the world of pool.​