Best Ping Pong Paddle Brands

Best Ping Pong Paddle Brands

The best ping pong paddle manufacturer is trusted by professionals and amateur players alike. They offer the best quality for speed, spin, and control. Reliable manufacturers develop products that are made with good materials that do not wear out over time. The best manufacturers are those that produce excellent results and are not necessarily expensive.

Take note that speed is created by hard blades which are covered with soft rubber. Some manufacturers focus on the handle design for comfort rather than emphasizing paddle performance. There are manufacturers who are specific to the needs of professional players and may not be appropriate for lower skill levels.

List of reliable brands of ping pong paddles


This manufacturer holds a solid and trusted reputation for making quality paddles that are used by many advanced and professional players. Their paddles are made with 7 layers of wood and 2 plies of carbon. Joola paddles are built for speed and high control. Their products are lightweight and are balanced. The rubber pad is durable and the blade makes hits accelerate.


Paddles made by Andro are made for rapid response and speed drives that are done with great control. Players are comfortable when using the paddle even at intense games. The paddle has a soft rubber and gives a mild bounce.

First timers will have a hard time adjusting to paddles that give such speed but will eventually get used to it because the paddle is flexible and versatile. Andro is great for challenging the player to excel and reach surprising levels. Their paddles are also lightweight at 70 grams.


The famous sports products maker Adidas also created a great line of ping pong paddles that are engineered for all levels of playing proficiency. They have paddles made with carbon blade that is ideal for offensive and create hard-hitting drives.

The Adidas blade is called Hypertouch because it is soft and gives good control. Fibers are embedded into the sponge to give the player more speed and control. The paddle is intense during offensives and the softness of the paddle becomes gentler during returns.


This paddle manufacturer puts 5 layers of plywood and 2 layers of carbon. They even have a signature blade that is called Carbospeed, which is very fast and durable. The paddle is stiff and makes the hits harder and faster. They make great offensive bats that are very aggressive during speed drives.


The manufacturer is at the forefront of paddle technology. They developed a VP system that makes paddles in precise temperatures to make a stable and hard structure. Their paddles are great for offensive techniques that will crush the opponent. The feel of the paddle is solid. This is why the manufacturer is a go-to brand by most ping pong pros and even for those who want to excel in their offensive play.

Stiga is the trusted manufacturer of the Chinese National Table Tennis Team because their topspin strokes are more precise and the drive is more sustained.


This manufacturer creates paddles with an enlarged attack capacity. Players can make spins more accurately because of the blade that is made of Limba wood. Shots are fast but control is better and the paddle can enable you to loop, block, and make the player flexible with any type of stroke. You can make strokes that are closed-angle as well as full arm swings.


The Tibhar paddles have a good look and work best for control and competitiveness. They even designed a paddle with 3 different blades that will be good for players who are defensive, offensive and use all-around techniques. They make paddles with excellent grip and comfortable handles that are discomfort-free. The handle design is unique to Tibhar that is concave shaped and gives a nice control.


This is also a great manufacturer if you are going for extreme speed because they make paddles with soft but high control rubber. Their paddles perform at best when smashing, looping, and spinning. The blade is solid hard and attaching to hard rubber is unnecessary.