Coast Athletic Ping Pong Paddle

Coast Athletic Ping Pong Paddle

This is a product with a set of 6 paddles with different bright colors. Coast Athletic put ping pong in the entertainment zone and wants to make the sport into a social activity. The paddles are unbreakable with a mold that is unified, without the layers of plywood, rubber, and sponge that is found in most professional paddles.

The paddles’ structure is made in one piece and the manufacturer claims that they are indestructible. The racket does not come with rubber that peels off after multiple uses. The set of 6 makes doubles or playing in many tables fun and enjoyable. Skill and speed are improved with the firm grip. Players remain competitive and develop techniques for better playing. The size of the product is standard and light enough for any level of proficiency.


  • Entire unit is made of strong material
  • Lightweight and comes in standard size
  • 6 paddles included in the set
  • Each paddle comes in blue, green, red, yellow, purple, and orange
  • Does not have rubber or wood layering
  • Does not peel off
  • Good for entertaining guests and group activities

Coast Athletic 6-Peices Unbreakable Table Tennis Paddles is a trusted manufacturer and distributor of high-quality athletic equipment for recreational purposes. They have a great deal of experience and sell quality and reasonably priced sports gear.


A happy customer bought the paddles to use on her floating ping pong table. She wanted to add entertainment in her pool and she was very happy with the paddles. She said that they are durable and easily float on the water since the paddles are made of plastic.

They were exposed to the sun and their colors did not fade. When she ordered the product, the colors of the paddles were the same as what was seen on the website. The plastic material is made of good quality and did not melt when left under the sun.

She was surprised that the paddles retain their shape, and for the price, she was able to complete her entertainment set up. She was so happy about the purchase that she recommended it to her friends.

Another customer was pleased with his purchase because he has had the product for years and the paddles are still intact. He thinks that the racket will last forever. The paddle comes in one piece and does not have layers, which was a great feature, said one customer. He said that he is not worried about replacements anymore.

The paddles are not professional grade, but standard moves like spinning and looping can still be done with the product. Buyers think that the paddles serve the purpose of entertaining guests or letting children or young adults make use of a play room.

Many are happy that the product is able to withstand stress from handling and does not break when dropped. One customer suggested that the product can be used by children, especially if the adults do not want their professional racquets being misused or broken.

Most of the customers liked the cool and attractive colors of the paddles. They said it is great for family vacations and can be used by both children and adults. Non-professionals can play easily with them because they are lightweight and easy to hold. The paddles are also great to put in public playing areas and resorts. There was a customer who bought it for a church camp hall and was very happy with the durability of the product.


Contrary to the claim that the product was indestructible, there were several buyers who had paddles that broke at the handle just after two days of use. The customers were very unhappy and frustrated. They found the plastic of poor quality.

In addition, there were some customers who said that expectations shouldn’t be high for a product that was cheap, while there were others who thought that the paddle set was a complete waste of time and money.


Coast Athletic 6-Peices Unbreakable Table Tennis Paddles is not of professional grade and most customers were happy with the paddles’ durability and stability. They were happy that the paddles were made in one piece, and customers were relieved that they didn’t have to worry about the rubber peeling off, or the wood gaping at the middle.

They were also satisfied with the colors which did not fade even after years of use or when the paddles were subjected to intense heat. People enjoyed using the product for parties and group entertainment.

Families had a good time in vacation. There were other players who bought the product so that their children can play at the table without using their professional gear.