Foosball Table Setup

Foosball Table Setup

The game of foosball is basically growing by the day in large numbers just like the actual football game. The actual game has a population of 3.5 billion supporters and the people who basically want to replicate that same feeling in their homes and wherever they hang out at aren’t giving into simplifying the numbers that make up the population of the game.

But the game of foosball is not as interesting as when it is being played by either two or more opponents. And to play the game of foosball you must be able to actually set it up rightly, in the best way recommended by the professional association of the game.

Setting up the foosball table can be a daunting task and one that requires a little technical experience and it could be pretty enjoyed depending on how easy the instruction manual which new foosball tables’ purchase usually comes with. Except if the purchase is made on a fairly used foosball table, setting it up is a prerequisite prior to playing and enjoying the feeling that comes from playing the game.

How to setup the table

This basically depends on the manufacturer’s manual; every foosball table usually comes with an owner’s manual with a detailed instruction on how to set up the table as it often doesn’t come in the standing form of the pictures we see online or on the brown cardboard box it is placed in. Sometimes, the table comes pre-assembled carrying parts like: rods, bearings, legs, handles, pins, scoring unit and table frame.

The table basically takes between 1 to 2 hours to actually setup. It might take less depending on who is in at the ends of making that happen. And sometimes, a person might want to ease the burden off himself, maybe want to use the energy required for the setup to fix a new home they just relocated to, so they may seek for a professional to do so, and basically, all they need to do is to actually look out for professional services such as: Amazon and a few others.

Harnessing the services of amazon foosball table setup

Using one’s time for more daunting tasks could be worth the hassle with only a little upfront payment to Amazon, they’ve made, over the years, the job of setting up the foosball table quite easy for people. All you need do is Google “Amazon professional foosball table setup” and a link to get to them will pop up. And all you need to do is basically follow the link to get the ideal candidate to do your job in 1 to 2 hours.

A call for note here is that for larger tables, it is best to do the setup at the location it will be used for, a home or an outlet, because, these services does not include movement of the table after setup from one location to another, to do so, additional charges would be incurred. For smaller tables, it might or might not be incurred, depending on the location it has to be moved to.

And Amazon isn’t the only site the table might be setup from externally, there are tons of other sites out there on Google, if you remove the word Amazon and Google only profession foosball table setups, you should see a couple of them show up easily.

Other External Sites

The world is going digital now and everybody knows that similar services can be done remotely through a video or a live chat with a professional. For the video, you can use the YouTube site; it’s proven to be quite helpful, with very in-depth teachers who have gone the extra mile to make it easy for the non-technical person to enjoy the peril of actually setting up the table.

Setting Up The Table Solely By Yourself

This is probably one brave move you can ever think of, because it basically makes you a master of your own property, huh! No offense there, to begin with this setup, assuming the table has already been purchased and delivered. One must firstly, move it to the location it would be kept in after the assembly, else, it would basically be even more difficult to move the device afterwards.

Check to ensure that all the components are intact and complete, nothing missing whatsoever. You can cross check the manual for that, to know what should be where and what is basically required and in what position. After that, there are a few standard ways professional assume the table would come in and I would be sharing a few of them here:

  1. You might want to begin the setup by putting the table legs in the cabinet. This is done by flipping the cabinet over on the top. Reading through the manual of the instructions will basically give you a hint on where to screw and bolt. After the legs has been setup, turn over the table as this will make it easier to put the rods and playing men in the place they should be.
  1. The rods come next after the men have been rightly positioned on the rods in the correct way. There has been a common challenge many a person usually faces as to where the correct rod should be placed, because a table with a 3-man goalie is different from the way a 1-man goalie is placed, which will be indicated by the amount of spacing and the rod lengths it takes. The difference might be a little difficult to spot, but once you know them, every other thing goes in smoothly as it should be.

Asides the manual which the table always comes with, most people have still been known to complain about the way the manual sometimes doesn’t completely specify every detail about the set up, so a little knowledge of tools mechanics might be needed to aid individuals in further setting up the table in the best way possible. The knowledge of how to use a trusty drill, duct tape, glue, or any tool will definitely help on the job most of the time.


There is no more fun than having a recreational device or gadget in one’s apartment or outlet, to basically give more lighting to the mood of its inhabitants, and the foosball table is one such device. But, there comes the task of getting it up to look the way it usually is, a bad setting leads to frustration but a good setup lightens up the mood for a good game.

In summary, you can decide to employ external services, sites or even take the challenge of setting it up yourself, either ways, which ever decision you make, it solely falls in line with the ceaseless fun, the foosball table is known to bring on.