HLC Folding Pool Billiard Table Review

HLC Folding Pool Billiard Table Review

Is your kid interested in playing on a pool table and shows some promising talent while playing on it? It is about time to hone that talent by giving your kid a miniature version of a full-size pool table for home to practice on everyday. Is the game or entertainment room not big enough to accommodate a full-size pool table?

A mini pool table that can fit into the small room can be a good alternative to the big one. If one is looking for a small pool table that feels like the real thing, attention should be directed to the HLC Folding Pool Billiard Table.


  • Solid wood table & cues
  • Easy to move around
  • Miniature version of a pool table
  • With real billiards balls
  • Includes two (2) cue sticks, a rack, brush & chalk
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Item weight: 40.8 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 55 in (L) x 29 in (W) x 31.5 in (H) or 4.6 ft. (L) x 2.4 ft. (W) x 2.6 ft. (H)


One thing that makes the HLC Folding Pool Billiard Table stay above the rest is the fact that it has the quality and make of a real full-size pool table in a smaller size. This pool table is designed to be durable with its solid wood material for not only the pool table, but also for cue sticks that come with the table.

With the solid wood material, this pool table can withstand some rough handling, especially from the kids who are not often careful around things. Another feature that makes this pool table an advantage is the accessories that are included with the purchase of the pool table.  Together with the pool table come real billiards balls so the children can get to feel, play and practice on the real thing.

It is also noteworthy that this particular pool table is portable and easy to move around despite its solid rosewood construction. This mobility is beneficial because the pool table can be easily moved around when there is redecorating that is needed to be done or when the kids want to bring the fun of playing the pool table from the gaming or entertainment room to the patio, deck, lanai or poolside outdoors.

Moving the pool table around is effortless and does not require several people to lift the thing. It is not time consuming as well. Furthermore, the pool table can be enjoyed straight out of the box because it comes fully assembled. There is no need to dwell on assembling things which is, more often than not, time consuming and energy wasting.

The size of the pool table is also to be noted. This one is bigger than the other mini pool tables available in the market right now.  Because of this, the pool table will be a good source of fun and entertainment not only for the kids, but also for the adults. This makes the pool table good sports equipment for the entire family.

Despite the very good quality and good performance of this pool table, this sports equipment can be purchased for a fair and reasonable price. There is no need to spend on expensive miniature pool tables that offer the same quality and performance as this one.


The HLC Folding Pool Billiard Table has several great features that make this pool table a good catch. However, it also has a fair share of drawbacks that potential purchasers need to be aware of before buying it. First of all, some of the pre-holed pockets are difficult to make out. There are instances when the pockets cannot hold the balls well.

Furthermore, the cue sticks do not have the same quality as the pool table and are slightly warped. The pool table is very sturdy, quite a feat for its size, but the same sentiment cannot be extended to the rest of its accessories.

Moreover, the pool table’s balls are smaller than the real billiards balls. The packaging of the pool table also has some issues. The cardboard box alone does not give the protection that the product needs during transport.


If one wants to have a pool table but has a limited room for a regular-size pool table, the HLC Folding Pool Billiard Table is a good alternative. This pool table gives a good value for its price despite the several drawbacks – most of which are focused on the accessories that come with the pool table and not on the quality of the pool table itself.

With this pool table, one can practice their shooting skills almost as if one is playing on the real, full-size pool table.