How to Clean a Foosball Table

How to Clean a Foosball Table

Imagine if every game of football had to be played on an unkempt field with grasses as high as a food store for cattle, of course, the frenzy already built for the game wouldn’t be as intense as it is now. But the guys behind the scenes do as much a good work as those on the scenes of play, keeping the field play clean, maintaining the goal posts and equipment day after day to ensure that each game is beautiful and flexibility can come almost natural.

And the same goes for our table soccer or foosball. Imagine the green surface it has suddenly turns brown or garbage and debris full, the attraction will suddenly die out. So the game gets even better and engaging when the table itself is as neat as it can be.

What is Required to Maintain a Foosball Table

Dirt, debris, spilled drinks, meat loaf or snacks can be a player’s disadvantage and create an unpleasant game.

But, the following components can actually help a person get past these table foes:

  1. Alcohol: Rubbing an alcohol about 70 to 90 percent of the surface area is a good way to clean tiny debris and its ally.
  1. Silicone: It basically does the same as the alcohol or much more, but, this basically adds to making the surface quite neat, you should never use a WD-40 to lubricate any table soccer as it might start a reaction and cause severe damage to the person or the table. If you don’t have this, using the alcohol alone can still work fine.
  1. Cloth or a damp rag: The rag is made damp from the alcohol and it should be a neat one, else, the dirt from the rag will stay on the surface of the table.
  1. A small brush: A small brush could help or a small dry cloth would help also in removing debris.

How to Clean the Foosball Table

Firstly, if you can dismantle the table, then do so to free up space for effective and efficient cleaning. Else you might want to be careful not to create any damage to any of the piece and so on. Use the brush to clear any tall debris or modular dirt, wipe them off and make it as smooth as possible.

Thereon, spread a little alcohol across the cloth to make it sparingly damp, once that is done, use the cloth to clean with care, the table but if the dirt looks pretty tough, make the alcohol a little denser. And the cleaning over that surface with black spots or stains should be steeper.

Once that is done and the surface looks as good as new, add a little silicone to the cloth and wipe the steel rods with them starting from the first rod to the eight. Clean the rods to save it from getting rusted or holding onto the stains from the players hands.

The use of silicone will make the rods actually freer to the hands and both players can move it as fast as they can.

How Often Should You Clean the Foosball Table

Cleaning the table can be done once in a week if it is used as often as there are days in a week or like professionals of the game would say, if the table experiences hard usage.

For less usage, the table might be cleaned only a few times in a month or if the frequency of usage isn’t quite that often, maybe once in a month or 2 weeks or so, I think the best way to go about cleaning the table would be once in a month. This actually protects the resplendence of the table and the newness with which it comes with.

Things to Watch Out for When Playing a Game on the Foosball Table

  1. Never eat directly on the table, so you don’t actually spill pieces of what you eat on it. They might become so little that they roll to the corners of the table or hide somewhere we might easily not see them to pick them up and that can distract our game play. If you must eat at all, then there should be some external place to store the container which the food is on, before, during and after the food has been eaten.
  1. Do not relax directly on the table, because overtime the weight of the body might affect the table.
  1. Be careful where the table is placed in order that its exposure to dust isn’t as frequent as possible.


Therefore, in order to enjoy a game, one must be careful enough to protect the device which it is played on. And a clean field is an attraction for a beautiful game. The foosball table would be better enjoyed if it is always kept clean. The above ways are only a few; you can basically go as far as you wish to, as long as you can make your table clean and well preserved.