How to Level a Foosball Table

How to Level a Foosball Table

So you’ve decided to take on one of the most popular association games fondly called Foosball. The Foosball is a kind of table football which although might have been in existence since the 1800s was officially invented around 1922 by Harold Searles Thornton and patented in 1923.

This association-based table-top football or Foosball as it’s called is played by serving a foosball ball through a hole strategically located at the side of the table or in some cases by placing the ball at the feet of a foosball figure located in the center of the table. Choosing the side of the table to serve is decided by tossing a coin.

The aim of the game of foosball is to push the ball into the goal of the opposing player, and players try to do this by using the figures which are mounted on rotating bars to try to kick the foosball ball into opponent’s goal post. The speed of the foosball balls varies and experts at the game have been known to send balls past opponents at speeds reaching 56 km/h or 35mph in tournaments and competitions.

Leveling a foosball table

Enjoying the game of foosball requires a foosball table and of course before you begin to practice to become a pro at the game, you’d need to have a leveled foosball table. It’s quite important to have a table which is level on all edge and sides to prevent the ball from rolling around in circles and distorting your game play.

Before acquiring a foosball table, it is important you consider the surface area and if it’s leveled enough. This is why there are recommended tables like the American Heritage Carlyle Series 390001. Although, these tables don’t come cheap, but you can be assured of a leveled and fun play against some of these under $500 foosball tables.

Handy Tools Required for Leveling a Foosball Table

  • A torpedo level
  • An optional two foot carpenter’s level
  • Spacers like shims, cardboard, wood blocks or plastic blocks. These toolset are optional depending on the kind of table legs (adjustable spinning legs) your foosball table uses

Process for leveling a Foosball Table

Before you begin the leveling process, ensure that all the adjustable foosball table legs are tightened (in a clockwise direction), also make sure that the foosball table is kept on a hard surface which won’t carve in.  You can however skip this process entirely if your table doesn’t have adjustable legs.

The process is to ensure that your table is well balanced. If you have decided that your table needs to be leveled, i.e. you notice that the vial has bubble travelling towards the end of the table which is higher, you could make adjustments.

To make proper adjustments to the table, have another person lift the table up so you could work on unscrewing (in counter clockwise direction) the table legs. Once you are content with the table legs adjustments, place spacers under each. Carry out the same process on other table legs till the bubble is center not minding the position the level is directed at.

It is not advised to adjust more than three (3) of the four legs of a foosball table. If you correctly level your foosball table which is usually not more than once a month depending on number of times of usage (long period gamers like those who play multiple hours a day and several or every day, you would have an enjoyable game of foosball on that table.

Also players who tend to jar or shake the table in the course of game play and rough players generally would require leveling the table once a few weeks to keep the table balanced and guarantee a smooth game play.