JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket

JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket

This professional grade racket is made by table tennis pros Joola. The quality of the product is high grade with rubber that was designed exclusively by the manufacturer. Many table tennis pros trust Joola because their rackets improve the game with spins that are controlled and strong.

The racket is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation and is designed to cater to the needs of offensive players and those who want to shift their playing techniques to become a more aggressive athlete.

This is a light and easy to use racket even for beginners.The Spinforce series is made to be used by both professional and amateur players with the professional quality used in the Olympics. It is a useful learning tool to develop offensive skills and advanced spins.


  • Has a pre-assembled racket which is sleek
  • Made with quality rubber and soft sponge
  • Rubber can be replaced or upgraded
  • Can be used by beginners
  • Can be used by defensive players learning offensive styles
  • Blade is 7 layers of plywood
  • Handle is comfortable to grip and flared
  • Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)

The racket radically improves the players’ game because of its flared and tight grip. This makes the hits stronger and more predictable. Offensive attacks are delivered effectively and will crush the opponent. Spinning is heavy and learning how to do it is easier. The racket’s blade is made of 7 layers of plywood. The blade’s material is carbon based.

The rubber can be replaced or upgraded after heavy use. As a sponsor of the U.S. National Team, the racket is guaranteed to bring your game to a higher level.


JOOLA Spinforce 900 Racket has many satisfied customers because they are all pleased with the product’s high quality. They said that the racket was light but delivered strong hits. It was good for offensive playing as well as strong spins. Many liked the speed of the ball that surprised many players. There were customers who were amazed at the strength of the blade that seemed to make the ball hit the table harder.

There was a customer who liked using the paddle shake hand style. He said that his service was improved and he even managed to serve an ace a few times. He used the paddle in various styles, including defensive and all-around playing, and was happy to improve his game. Today, this satisfied customer is able to play with friends during tournaments.

There were several customers who said that the racket out-performs ordinary and cheap paddles. Their execution was better and their level of proficiency was upgraded. They also liked that they were able to change the rubber pad on the product, which did not affect their game level. Some were skeptical about replacing the rubber pad but were happy that the product can be used for a long time.

A professional athlete who played defensive and used this racket for years said that he was happy with the product and was able to learn offensive playing while using the same paddle. Another athlete said that the racket gave extra power to his spins. He loved the product because it enabled him to hit the ball stronger and better.

Aside from the light weight of the paddle, an athlete observed that the paddle was balanced and well-made. He liked the firm grip on the handle. He said that the Joola is a better racket and stands out from other professional paddles.


There was also a dissatisfied customer who complained about his purchase and customer service didn’t respond to him. He used the paddle for two months and its rubber was already worn out. He said that the quality was low for an expensive product. The same customer also said that the worn-out rubber made the paddle unusable.


The product received a top rating from 63% of customers. It was viewed as excellent and helped improve technique. Most buyers said that the paddle was good for offensive playing and spinning was more intense. Many liked the design of the product because it was light and firm to the grip.

The handle was not hard on the hand, especially on shake hand style. Some beginners and amateur players were able to learn well and later on joined tournaments. Other defensive players who wanted to become offensive players used this paddle and shifted without any problems.

The blade of the paddle can be changed and will not affect the level of the player’s proficiency. There was also a substantial number of players who had better control of the ball.