MD Sports Air Hockey Table Review: Best Models and Top Reviews 2017

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Now that the holidays are around the corner, it’s important for you to be prepared and invest in games to keep your kids in the house and entertained during the cold months indoors; this is also the time to start a small club for youths. There are many tables to choose from for the perfect kids’ activity. Foosball tables, table tennis tables, and, of course, air hockey tables to complete the perfect game room. With whatever space you have, it’s possible to invest in MD sports air hockey tables and earn a living. If you are not sure about the best air-powered hockey table available for 2017, here is a brief review to guide you through the top 5-air hockey table.

1. MD Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table

One thing that makes this table a standout from the others is the arcade-style design. These tables will ensure you get the same excitement and entertainment as that of the arcade air tables. It has a 120V motor, which ensures that it produces enough air to keep the game running. Another interesting fact about these tables is that you can play all day and night thanks to the LED lumen technology. The tables also feature tempo music; therefore, as the players as busy taking turns on the scoreboard, the entire room will be filled with entertainment. Additionally, the table makes counting the score for different players easy since the lights change colors as different players make their score. With the atomic top shelf air hockey table, you will take the experience to the next level for both friends and family alike.

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  • Arcade style design
  • Interactive light changing for easy score counting
  • Four solid legs for stability
  • Sturdy game experience


    • Flipping over the table requires a lot of manpower

2. MD Sports 42-In Air Powered

Let everyone in your home enjoy the stimulation of playing several games by looking at the table. The table has electronic scoreboards on each side of the table to ensure players can follow on their score as well as their opponents. Additionally, between the scoreboards, there is a punk retrieval system to ensure the game does not slow to retrieve the punk. To avoid rigging from one player, the built-in levelers ensure that the table is level for more accurate and fair play. It does not work in favor of particular sides. It also has a built-in motor that works at high speed to ensure that it keeps up with multiple games that will be players on the table. The table comes with a manual to enhance assembly and give you the appropriate time to play.

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  • Easy assembling steps
  • Powerful motor
  • High-speed play
  • Electronic scoreboards on each side


  • Somewhat expensive and some don’t think it’s worth the price

3. 90” MD SPORTS Power Play Air Hockey Table

If you are looking for a way to play multiple games but don’t have the space to install several different tables, consider this 3-in-1 swivel multiple game table. The swiveling design makes switching between games easy and effortless. Whether you choose the pool or air hockey side up, the table looks just fine and will ensure that each game is interesting and you will not be worried about the table moving. When you don’t feel like playing pool or the air hockey, there is a separate surface for ping pong so that you continue enjoying the pleasure of the table—whatever activity you prefer. Additionally, to avoid the puck from getting stuck at the edges, it has a central system that distributes air evenly on the entire table.​

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  • During installation, you may have to drill additional holes to fit everything properly

4. MD Sports 48” Air Powered Hockey Table

This table has a top side that looks just as the normal hockey field. Therefore, when you set to play on it, the pleasure will be stimulated. Although it only has a 7” playing surface, which is slightly shorter than other tables from the same company, it's still a good addition to your home experience. It features an interesting design with slim rails around the edges to keep the puck firmly on the table. This ensures you that you will have your eyes on the game from start to end. The rails also make scoring easy and fun. Its heavy-duty motor offers 120V of blowing power to ensure the puck stays in motion the entire game.

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  • High-speed motor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rails around top edges
  • Easy to fit a ping pong top


  • With 120V blower, 7” is a little small

5. MD Sports 7ft Ice Quake Air-Powered Air Hockey Table

The colors of this table are simply stunning. It has a different design from the others and it plays just right. Its dynamic looks stimulate the level of your gaming experience. The multiple lights around the edge make the game more exciting. The concentration on the scoreboard and different lighting for each player as they score is something you will enjoy.

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  • Changing lights
  • Unique design
  • Convenient and durable


  • The fun is not well built and stops after few uses

Things to consider when looking for an air hockey table

Before you settle for a particular table, it's important to note that there are several things to look into to make the right choice. Here are some of the things you must consider:

Scoring Methods

This is the most important part of the table. Cheap models have a manual scoring system while the electronic models have an automatic update system that keeps track with every score.

Table Size

The players determine the size of your table. If you are looking for a table that is comfortable for kids, consider 3-4 foot table while adults will be comfortable on a table ranging between 6 and 7 ft.

Design and Graphics

This will determine the realistic playability of the game. If you play on a table with realistic graphics that resemble an ice rink, it makes playing the game on the table more realistic and more fun. Additionally, the design helps players stay focused on the game and feel like they are “actually there at the hockey stadium”.

Leg Levelers

If your floor is not all level, the levelers will help keep the table balanced for the interests of the game—and ensure that no player gets an unfair advantage with the puck always moving favorably for them due to a slope.​