Pasol 7 Star Premium Ping Pong Paddle

Pasol 7 Star Premium Ping Pong Paddle

The Pasol 7 Paddle is a racket designed for accurate control for more predictable moves on the table. The paddles are colored black and white on either side which is 1.5-mm thick. The product can be used by professionals because it is fast and the spins are intense, which brings the advantage to any player.

Intermediate players get an increased edge on their game as well that challenge them to become better players. This paddle is good for any playing technique. Offensive, defensive and all-around players can get the most out of the product’s quality materials.

The PASOL 7 Star Premium Ping Pong Paddle comes with a comfortable wooden handle for better grip. The paddle is rated 9 for spin. 8 for speed and 8 for control on a scale of 1 to 10. It can also be used in competitions to bring a winning streak into tournaments.


  • Handle is comfortable to hold
  • Gives more control to hits and spins
  • Built with 1.5 mm high-performance rubber
  • Paddles are colored red and black
  • Can be used by intermediate to advanced players
  • Can be used during competitions
  • Paddle has 8 rating for control and speed based on 1 to 10 scale
  • Has a 30-day warranty

Aside from a better game, the paddle will also make advanced players change techniques without any problems because the paddle is versatile and gives the right and manageable amount of control.


The number of satisfied customers of the product is more than those who are not satisfied. Most of them say that the product is excellent and the purchase was great. Customers liked that they had better control on their hits and the ball had more predictable movements. They also said that the rubber was durable and had just the right amount of stickiness.

They also noticed that they were getting better at the sport. They were able to make more spins and drastically improve their control. They also said that the price was worth the paddle’s quality and good structure.

There was one intermediate player who learned how to execute advanced moves using the paddle. He was happy that he is now able to play at a higher skill level. For a recreational player of many years, he said that this paddle gave a good spin, speed, and control. He was happy that the product had good rubber.

He even tried to clean with water, which was easy. He has been using the Pasol paddles for years and has not worn out. He said that the rubber was sticky and he had more control over the ball because of it. A player said that he was able to use it for 25 or more games and the paddle did not fail to deliver.

There was a customer who decided to buy the paddles and shifted from her inexpensive gear. She said that she could really feel the difference and she felt that her game significantly improved. She used to be just a recreational player but is now on an intermediate level and plays competitively.

She was pleasantly surprised with how well the paddle delivered. She said that although it is more expensive than the low-budget range, the paddle is still reasonably priced.

There were several customers who said that that handle and the product’s weight was just right to manage their spins and hits. They also liked that the handle gave a nice grip and did not slip from the hands.

There were no complaints of pain or discomfort. A lot of customers liked the carrying case. One particular customer suggested that the paddle should be wrapped in cloth before putting it in case you don’t plan on using the racket for a long time.


There was a customer who said that the product lacked quality and needed a lot of improvement because the handle was too heavy and the rubber was easily worn out. The rubber peeled off after a few days of use according to the same customer. There was also a buyer who said that the paddle was heavier compared to others. Therefore, he said that the product should not be recommended to others.


PASOL 7 Star Premium Ping Pong Paddle received 5 stars from 69% of buyers. They all said that the paddles delivered well, and praised the manufacturer for the product’s good structure and quality materials. The rubber was sticky and gave a good force to deliver the ball well. The paddle was also good when delivering spins and hitting was stronger as well.

The paddle is intended for intermediate or advanced players but was also used by recreational players without problems. Moreover, they found the product good for training as well.