Pool Dining Table Reviews and Recommendations 2018

Pool Dining Table Reviews

If you’re the type of person who loves all things two-in-one, pool dining tables are probably right up your alley. And, if you did not even know that pool dining tables exist, you’re in for quite a surprise. Pool dining tables are traditional pool tables that transform into dining tables—in a matter of minutes (and in some cases, seconds). Pool dining tables come in all sorts of styles.

Children and adults alike are instantly drawn to pool dining tables. Who wouldn’t be? They are unique, beautifully crafted, and fun. If you’re in the market for a pool dining table, you’re likely looking for something that has style, versatility, and, of course, affordability. Pool dining tables are great if you’re tight for space and don’t have room to for a dining table and a pool table in your home. Ideal for your dining room or even your recreation room, pool dining room tables are unique and handy. They are a great addition to any home and are bound to be the topic of conversation whenever guests are over.

If you’re in the market for a pool dining table and are not sure where to begin, this handy guide will help get you started. Each pool dining table on this list is unique, versatile, and well-suited to fit whatever your needs may be.

1. Fusion Pool Table And Dining Table

Fusion Pool Table And Dining Table

Custom-built in Belgium, this two-in-one pool table and kitchen table comes with a matching bench seat and has a sleek, clean European design. The pool table comes with a Simonis tablecloth and has a very elegant look. This pool dining table can sit up to 10 people and takes less than one minute to convert into a billiard table.

To change the kitchen table into a pool table, all you have to do is slide the benches under the table and remove the table tops. Within seconds, your dining table turns into a ready-to-use, sleek, and professional pool table. Another great feature about this table is that it has an “easy-lift” system, which lets you change the height of the table to your desired height. The table frame is made of steel and the cushions are completely covered in synthetic leather. The table weighs about 800 pounds.

One of the best features of this unique table is the spring assisted easy-lift system, which is what makes the table so unique, convenient, and easy to use. We recommend this pool dining table for anyone who is looking for a sleek, classic table that is easy and convenient to use.

2. 'Pronto – New York' Convertible Pool / Dining Table

'Pronto – New York' Convertible Pool Dining Table

This extravagant pool dining table comes in your choice of Championship or Simonis cloth. The table also comes with your own choice of red, green, white, or blue LED lights inside the legs and pockets of the pool table. To convert the dining table into a pool table, all you have to do is remove the table top and push it into the unique storage space underneath the table. The table also comes equipped with a ball-collecting mechanism which is inside the table itself.

We recommend that you purchase a Pronto table if you are looking for functionality, style, and comfortability. This dining pool table is practical and extremely easy to use. If you are looking for something unique and outside the box, you will love the Pronto. The LED lights on the legs and pockets of the table make it stand out and set it apart from most other pool dining tables. If you like being different and want your dining room or game room to stand out, the Pronto is the perfect choice for you.

3. Carmelli NG2535P

Carmelli NG2535P

The Carmelli is an extremely unique and versatile table. It is a multi-functional table that works as a dining table and pool table. It also converts into the perfect platform for your very own game of table tennis. This unique piece of furniture comes with 2 soft-padded bench seats with built-in storage. The table comes with accessories including 2 pool cues, 2 pool balls, cue chalk, a triangle, a table tennis net with posts, 2 table tennis balls, and 2 paddles. This table is uniquely crafted and extremely sturdy. Its contemporary design makes it a must-have for anyone looking for a multifunctional piece of furniture. The benches are comfortable and the pool table works great for non-competitive play. We highly recommend the Carmelli if you are looking for a table that offers more than just dining and billiards. Though not the best for professional play, you get the bang for your buck in the uniqueness of this multi-functional table.

4. Hathaway Park Avenue

Hathaway Park Avenue

The Hathaway Park Avenue table, like the Carmelli table, offers more than just the regular two-in-one capabilities that most pool dining tables offer. The Park Avenue can be converted into a traditional pool table and can also be used to play table tennis. The table top itself is extremely functional and the set comes with two benches and built-in storage. This is the perfect piece of furniture for a family with kids, and adults will love how easy and simple it is to use and convert. The table is extremely sturdy and secure and has premium felt which offers professional play. In addition to this, the black laminate on the table will protect it from scratches or dents.

This table comes with pool cues, pool balls, a rack, cue chalk, nets, posts, paddles and table tennis balls. The sleek black surface of the table top is elegant and perfect for dining on, and you’ll love the way it looks in your home.

Choose the Right One for You

Whether you like style, functionality, or professionalism in a multi-functional dining room table, choosing the right one for you will depend entirely on how you plan to use it and what you want to use it for. Think about what you and your family are looking for in a table set and choose the one that is right for you.