Pool Table Balls: What to Look for and Our Reviews

Pool Table Balls

Whether you’re a professional or recreational pool player, having the right set of balls and knowing what type of balls you need will enhance your billiards experience. Pool and billiard table balls can come in traditional, colorful or plain designs that vary in price and design and also include the cue ball. Some balls are great for playability while others are more stylish and add fresh décor to a billiards table. Any billiard player can attest to the fact that it makes more sense to purchase a billiard ball set (with cue ball) that are longer lasting. Because of the demanding aspects involved in pool, purchasing equipment that is not the best quality means that it will wear down faster and more easily. When it comes to purchasing your billiards equipment, it’s sometimes better to spend a little bit more money so that you have good, durable, and quality equipment with a long lifespan.

Things to look for in your new set of pool table balls include:

  • Style
  • Durability
  • Lifespan
  • Color
  • Glossiness
  • Weight
  • Density
  • Price

Are you looking for a set of billiard balls that are stylish and appealing to the eye or something that has a nice shine and rolls true? Choosing the right set of billiard balls also depends on who will be playing. If you have kids or friends who will be regularly using pool table, you might want to use cheaper but more durable pool table balls. On the other hand, if you’re in a pool league or own a bar with a commercial pool table, you’re more likely to want to opt for something that is a bit more expensive, but works well and is great for playability of all sorts.

1. Action Bumper Pool Ball Set

Action Bumper Pool Ball Set

The Action Bumper set is perfect for any bumper pool players looking for a new set of billiard balls. The whole set is made of premium cast polyester resin, and all the balls are evenly weighted. The package comes with a set of 4 red balls and 4 white balls. In the package, there is also one red ball with a white circle in the center as well as one white ball with a red circle in the center. These balls roll just like traditional pool balls and carry a nice shine. The set is also-crack resistant and durable for even the roughest of players.

2. Iszy Billiards e41205

Iszy Billiards e41205

This unique set of pool balls is stylish, different, and fun. If you’re looking for style but are also trying to find something affordable, the Iszy Billiards e41205 pool ball set is perfect for you. Each ball weighs in at 6 oz. and is coated with a swirling marble color which is perfect for showing off to guests and adding a little bit of spice to your pool table. The marbling on the balls is consistent and gives them a high-end, sleek look that makes them look more expensive than they really are. The billiard balls are made of polyester resin and are 2 ¼ inch regulation size and weight. They are a great way to add some flair to your pool table.

These billiard balls are well constructed and they also roll extremely well. Beware that the paint on these colorful and unique balls may begin to fade or even chip away after extended use, so take this into consideration when making your purchase.

3. Aramith 57.2 mm Tournament Billiard Pool Ball Set/16 Balls

Aramith 57.2 mm Tournament Billiard Pool Ball Set16 Balls

If you’re looking for high-quality balls that are used by professionals, the Aramith billiard balls are the right choice for you. They come in bright colors with dark black numbers that are visible and clear. They give a clean hit and offer amazing impact and scratch resistance. Aramith billiard ball sets adhere to industry specifications, which makes them the perfect set for professional pool players. The balls are made with resin formulation, which is a type of molecular structure that expands the lifespan of balls while exponentially minimizing any table cloth wear.

Believe it or not, Aramith pool balls’ lifespans are 8 times longer than the average billiard pool ball and can be used for up to 40 years. These pool balls are made of the best professional quality. This set’s roundness, color, weight, density, balance, and glossiness are all up to professional standards. Aramith pool balls are the perfect choice for any professional pool player.

4. Epco Rocco

Epco Rocco

This set of billiard balls is unique and different. If you are looking to stand out, this is the set for you. Smaller than traditional billiard balls, EpcoClear Rocco balls are clear and make for an interesting game of pool. Keep in mind that these pool balls don’t play like standard balls. It can also sometimes be difficult to tell them apart. If you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of playability for style, this is the set for you. These balls are also smaller and lighter than traditional pool balls. Great for décor, this set would be a great addition to any avid pool player’s game room.

5. Yves Empire USA Deluxe

Yves Empire USA Deluxe

This is a perfect set for anyone who is looking for good quality billiard balls for an affordable price. The balls are polished and sleek and look much more expensive than they really are. We should note that this set can chip easily, so if you’re a regular pool player, you may want to invest in a more expensive set. These balls are great for the occasional pool player and you won’t be disappointed with the polished, professional look.

Get the Ball Rolling

Before you purchase a new set of pool balls or replace an old set, consider what you’re looking for. Style, elegance, size and playability are all factors which will come into play when you purchase your new set. If you care more about decor or style, you might want to pick a more unique set. A serious pool player is best suited to purchase a more expensive, quality set that is reliable, durable, and has a longer lifespan.

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