Pool Table – Sizes and More

Pool Table - Sizes and More

A pool table is a good source of entertainment, especially among boys and among a group of friends. Whether it is in a pub or even at home, having a pool table around will not only help facilitate entertainment but also will increase socializing among people.

Moreover, playing on a pool table has just recently become a sport. If one is interested in buying a pool table but has no idea or experience with it, there are some basic things to know before one goes on with the purchase. While looking for the right pool table for the house, there are certain things to consider and some questions to answer.

What is a pool table exactly? How is it different from a billiards table? What is pool table regulation size? A pool table is also referred to as billiards table or pocket billiards table. Therefore, pool table and billiards table refer to one and the same thing.

A pool table is a flat surface that is elevated from the floor and is normally made of quarried slates that are surrounded by rubber cushions and covered by felt cloth. The pool table has six (6) pockets on each corner of the table and two in the middle of the table’s longer sides.

Pool Table Sizes

If one is interested in buying a pool table, the first thing to determine is the size of the pool table. A person who is familiar with playing on a pool table may have observed that a pool table does not come in just one size.

On the contrary, it comes in different sizes and there are even mini pool tables available for the young ones. One of the usual questions that pop up when it comes to pool table sizes is, “What is a pool table regulation size?”

To answer the question about pool table regulation size, a pool table usually comes in three (3) major standard sizes that are referred to as 7-foot pool table size, 8-foot pool table size, and 9-foot pool table size.

The 7-foot table is often called as the bar box or bar table and is often the choice size for 8-ball championship tournaments. This pool table is also the usual table choice for rooms with limited space. The 7-foot pool table size is called as such because it has 3.5 feet x 7 feet dimensions.

The 8-foot pool table size has 4 feet x 8 feet dimensions. It is the least common size but is considered as the professional pool table size. Lastly, the 9-foot pool table size has 4.5 feet x 9 feet dimensions and is the standard pool table size for professional games.

Room Space and Pool Table Sizes

While picking up a pool table for a room, the size of the room should be given due consideration. The goal when it comes to room and pool table size is that the pool table should not only fit into the room, but also the room should be able to accommodate the pool table in a way that players can freely and comfortably circle around it.

It should be noted that apart from the size of the pool table, the size of the cue stick should also be considered as well as additional space where a cue rack and other pool table accessories can be stored. A player should be able to easily maneuver around the pool table and push and pull a cue stick on it.

To determine the room area for a 7-foot, 8-foot and 9-foot pool table, the several cue stick sizes should also be taken into consideration. For a 3.5 feet x 7 feet table, a 48-inch cue stick would need 11 feet x 14 feet area, 12 feet x 15 feet area for a 52-inch cue, and 13 feet x 16 feet for a 58-inch cue.

For 8-foot pool table, 48-inch cue needs 12 feet x 15 feet area, 52 inch cue needs 12 feet x 16 feet area, and 13 feet x 17 feet area for a 58-inch cue is needed. Finally, a 9-foot pool table would need at least 12 feet x 16 feet area for 48-inch cue stick and 13 feet x 17 feet area for 52-inch cue stick.