Slyspin Rapture Table Tennis Racket Ping Pong Paddle

Slyspin Rapture Table Tennis Racket Ping Pong Paddle

The Slyspin Rapture paddle is for intermediate players who want to enhance their skills of spinning, speed and ball control. The blade is made of quality rubber and is 6 mm thick and has an elastic sponge that enhances the ball’s spinning properties. The handle is sturdy with good quality wood and is comfortable to hold.

Service is done well and fast while spinning is performed with better precision because the bounce of the ball is more predictable. Chopping can also be done due to the bigger push that the ball gets. The sponge of the blade is elastic and does not wear out even during tournaments. The speed, spin, and control are all rated as 8 using a 1 to 10 scale.


  • Has a 6-mm blade made of carbon
  • Handle is made of high-quality poplar wood
  • Specs use 1 to 10 scale
  • Has high-grade rubber blade
  • Comes in premium racket bag

Slyspin Rapture Ping Pong Paddle is a great transition paddle from beginners to professional grade playing. It puts greater intensity into the game and skill levels are challenged for advancement. It is a good tool to use for learning new ping pong skills and developing new techniques to remain competitive both in tournaments or with friends.


The product received many praises from consumers who were very happy with their purchase. Many of them said that they liked the quality of the board and handle, especially the bouncy effect of the blade. They said that the performance of the paddle was on par with many professional and more expensive rackets. They also noticed that their play was faster and more intense.

A beginner also said that he easily adjusted to intermediate play with the use of the product. He can easily manage faster speed and can respond better to the opponent’s service. He also observed that he can give more predictable spins because the rubber on the pad was elastic and gave more bounce.

There was a customer who noticed that the paddle performed well when he played with a friend who was using a professional grade paddle. He tried both rackets and said that his Slyspin gave the same performance. He also said that his racket weighed a bit more but he got used to it in a couple of days.

Most users commended the practicality of the product. They liked that the product was reasonably priced and affordable. They also said that the paddle gives value for the price because the product is reliable and can be used exhaustively. Most buyers were happy that the rubber on the blade stayed intact and took a long time before wearing out.

An intermediate player said that he liked his paddle’s performance mainly because his skills have improved. He has been a beginner and was just playing leisurely when he decided that he wanted to advance his skill level. Now he delivers better spins and chops that amaze his colleagues. Another customer agreed and said that the paddle made him step up his game.

There was another player who liked the construction of the racquet. He said that the Slyspin Rapture Ping Pong Paddle had a nice handle that was just the right weight and he was able to control his shots more effectively. He said that the paddle was consistent and well-balanced that his spins were better and his hits faster.

Many customers also appreciated the paddle case, which came really handy when traveling. One customer suggested that the bag would look better if it had a ball case.


A player commented that the paddle felt heavy in the hand and that she experienced discomfort after a game. Another person agreed and said that the handle did not have a nice grip and eventually affected his performance on the table. There was another complaint about the paddle’s handle breaking too easily and he couldn’t have it exchanged.


The product received 5 stars from 77% of customers. They said that they were happy with the racket because they were able to drive more force into their hits. The Slyspin Rapture paddle is good for spins and makes a service stronger. The ball is faster because of the good rubber on the blade. Many customers also said that their game was improved because of the product, and there was smooth transitioning from beginning to intermediate skill.

However, there were complaints on the paddle’s weight which was observed to be too heavy. There were also customers who complained that the handle was hard on the hands and the grip was not secure. Although the product gave good spins, the handle needs a lot of improvement to provide a more comfortable hold.