Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle

Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle

The Sport Game Pro is a reliable and game-changing product that is designed with a high-quality rubber and multiple layers of wood. This racket can make the ball go really fast that will surprise you and your opponent. The ball is twisted to a high degree which makes the player more confident in his/her play and enables him/her to advance to a higher degree of proficiency.

The manufacturer has years of technical experience that is applied to the design of the racket. Errors are minimized and the game is faster.

The Sport Game Pro is rated with the speed of 82, the spin at 91, and control of 79. The racket is for amateurs and enthusiasts who want to get good results and improve their skill.


  • Has an attractive design
  • Made of high-quality rubber measured at 2mm thickness
  • Made of 5 plies of wood
  • Enables high-degree of ball twisting and combination of strategies
  • Has 30-day warranty
  • Handle is made of dovetail design
  • Has comfortable and solid grip

This ping pong paddle is good for beginning athletes and those who want to learn the game with comfort and accuracy. The product is manufactured for players who want to excel and advance to professional playing. The paddle is also good for backspins. The design is neat and the paddle stays intact even after intense playing. The manufacturer also guarantees fast and reliable replacement up to 30 days from purchase.


The product received good reviews from customers who want to play with a reliable and long lasting paddle. Many of the customers said that the handle was sturdy and did not cause pain in the hands even after playing for a long time. They also said that the rubber was nice and well-built. The rubber padding makes the ball go fast and puts the player in the advantage.

Another player said that the paddle was fast and gave the ball good spins. It can be used for all types of playing and the player gets better control of the ball. He said that the product gave him a better play and won several matches. The rubber was repeatedly viewed as sticky that gave more spins. Offensive players loved the force of the ball when hit, which makes the opponent miss the return.

There were other recommendations on the product in terms of control and speed. The hits are more predictable, said one user and errors are eliminated because the hits are stronger. A beginner said that he enjoyed learning the sport basically because the paddle was easy to use. He learned quicker and he improved faster. He said that he will recommend the racket to his other friends.

There was a mom who bought the product for her son and it broke after a few days. The manufacturer sent a replacement right away and the racket stayed intact ever since. Playing became enjoyable and learning was fun for the family.

Another customer said that the paddle was light and easy to use. They did not experience any discomfort after hours of playing. He said that his spins were done more frequently and his chops were more precise.

Consumers loved that the paddle came with a carrying case that made it convenient when traveling. The case also preserves the rubber coating when in storage. Most customers liked that the product’s price was just right. It was not too expensive and was reasonable for the durability of the product.

The design was also well-praised because the dovetail handle and the bright hue of the paddings gave the player a better look when behind the table. The wooden handle had a nice and smooth finish.


There was a customer who said that the paddle didn’t differ from any other ordinary paddle. He said that it was just satisfactory but not exceptional.


The Sport Game Pro received 5 stars from 80% of buyers. Most of them said that the product was durable and the handle was comfortable to the hand. The grip was tight and playing was easier because the paddle was lightweight. They all said that hitting with the paddle was harder and the ball went faster.

Users said that the paddle was good for spinning and for use for backhands. They all commended the rubber pad which was sticky even after repeated use. According to them, the twists were more efficient and properly executed. There were several beginners who were able to use this product and improve as they played more often.

A customer complained that she received a paddle that broke within a few days of use. She was happy with the quick feedback. She received a new paddle right away. She did not have any problems since.