Best Valley Pool Table Options for the Money

Valley Pool Table Options for the Money

Replacing an old pool table or purchasing a brand new one isn’t exactly easy. Valley pool tables are typically the most reliable and recommended brand of pool tables because of their durability and lifespan. Any avid pool player knows that that Valley has some of the best pool tables on the market because of their quality, reliability, and durability.

Here are some of the best valley pool table options for your budget:

1. Valley Pool Table 93” – Tiger

Valley Pool Table 93” – Tiger

Price: $$$

The dimensions of the Tiger Valley Pool table are 93” x 53” x 31”. Weighing in at 670 lbs, this Valley pool table comes in 1-piece bed, which is made of aluminum. This pool table promises consistent bounce and a long lifespan because of the cushion rail rubber. The easily adjustable leg levelers are professional equality and the pool table comes with Valley Teflon Ultra standard tournament green cloth which resists stains.

Made of Victorian cherry wood grain laminate, this pool table has tapered corners and legs and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This pool table is perfect as a game room centerpiece and it has a long lifespan that is a great addition to any gaming room.

2. Valley 101” Panther Pool Table – Home Use

Valley 101” Panther Pool Table – Home Use

Price: $$$

This 101” table has the same durability as commercial tables and looks sleek and professional with its Cheyenne Leather finish. This table is now available in a non-coin model and comes equipped with dual-density cushions which keep ball bounces consistent. This model has a clean, modern look with flush-mount pocket liners and a hidden screw rail trim. It comes equipped with a magnetic cue ball separator and is built on solid aluminum slate for added support. The green cloth on the table is also stain-resistant and the table has a one-piece ball return chute which eliminates the possibility of balls getting stuck. A perfect alternative to commercial pool tables, the Valley Panther pool table is durable, modern, and perfect for your home use.

3. Valley Pool Table 88” – Black Cat

Valley Pool Table 88” – Black Cat

Price: $$$

Like the 83” Tiger Pool Table, the Black Cat is made of aluminum, allowing for a perfectly flat and reliable playing field. The Black Cat also has leg levelers that can be easily adjusted with a wrench. This model also comes equipped with Valley Teflon Ultra cloth, which is stain-resistant and appealing to the eye. Equipped with dual-density cushion rail rubber, this model promises a long lifespan, even with repeated shots. This pool table comes with tapered legs and corners and also boasts a charcoal color laminate with crystal flecks. This table is elegant, sleek, and durable. The table dimensions for the Black Cat are 88” x 50” x 31” and it weighs 605 lbs. This set also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Valley Tiger 101” Pool Table

Valley Tiger 101” Pool Table

Price: $$$

The Valley Tiger 101” pool table is a home model version of Valley’s most widely used coin-operated pool table. With thick cushion rail rubbers for a reliable and consistent bounce, the Tiger can withstand even the heaviest of pool table traffic. The pool table comes with tapered corners and legs, giving it a solid stance. Like other Valley models, it comes equipped with a one-piece ball return chute. The leg levelers on this pool table are adjustable and can be done by one person with a wrench. This table comes in Biltmore Cherry wood grain laminate and also comes equipped with the standard, stain-resistant Valley Teflon Ultra green cloth.

5. Valley 88” Coin-Op Panther Pool Table – Charcoal Finish

Price: $$$

This coin-operated Panther pool table comes in a charcoal black finish, making it look sleek, professional and modern. This table also comes with a magnetic cue ball separator and a one-piece ball collector. The dual-density cushion rail rubber allows for accuracy and the famous Valley Teflon Ultra Cloth is stain-resistant and appealing to the eye. This pool table has the features all pool sharks look for in a billiard table and is made to withstand any type of game or player. The long lifespan of this pool table is another added bonus. The 5-bolt dual density cushion that this pool table comes equipped with improves playability and the coin counter is clearly visible on the door of the table. This is a sleek and modern pool table which also comes in a beautiful Cheyenne Leather finish and has a rail cap molding that eliminates any possible snags on hands, clothing, or cues. This pool table also features patented flush-mount corner castings. The Panther also offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on rail rubber. Perfect for the serious pool players, this pool table is an innovative and modern set which will improve your playability.

Choose the Right one for You

Valley pool tables are tough, sturdy, and elegant. They are affordable and can even take quite a heavy beating if being used in a high traffic bar or game room.

Whether you are interested in a commercial pool table or a pool table for home use, choosing the right one depends on a lot of things, including size, space, cost, playability and more. Many of the non-coin-operated Valley pool tables are perfect for home-use while maintaining the commercial feel and reliability of coin-operated pool tables. Think about what kind of pool table fits your typical style of play. Will you be using the pool table regularly? What kind of style or look are you going for? These are things you should be asking yourself before you make the decision to purchase. Valley pool tables are a great choice because they are reliable and have a very long lifespan. Depending on what your budget is, there is a great selection of Valley pool tables you can choose from. Regardless of which pool table you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Take your time choosing your Valley pool table, and choose one that is reliable, durable and ready to withstand any kind of pool table traffic.