Warrior Professional Foosball Table Review

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

Foosball a game with single opponents, double opponents or teams of up to four was conceived by Harold after he had been to Tottenham Hotspur F.C. and became an avid supporter of the team. His aim was to actually replicate the frenzy you feel about the game while you are watching it live or even playing it on an actual football field, at home or in unlikely locations where much more than sports is served.

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table actually provides that feeling, it gives the real essence of what the game should actually be like where both players or more are very comfortable from their stands while enjoying the game as it was intended.

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table has a classic black color and chrome rods with a lot of detailing to make it absolutely easy to understand and employ for whatever use it is needed for.

TheWarrior Professional Foosball Table has metal rods that are basically unbendable and gives comfort to the hands because of the plastic edges. The playing surface is flat with no dead ends whatsoever. And this is quite amazing because the corners of the surface aren’t at any angle which gives its players basically every easy path to reach the length and breadth of the surface.

More so, it makes quite a great appeal to recreational and break rooms and adds that unending aesthetics to these centers driving in the patronage for the centers and also keeping the patronage for as long as possible as it can be. It is also fast and easy to assemble the paths in less than hours.


Chrome Rods

The rods are basically lighter than it can ever be, they are solid rods and can be very flexible or comfortable to the hands of the players. There is the guarantee that despite what happens there will basically be no strain to the hands of the players and no pains will be left after an extended run of games.

The Flat Surface

This foosball table is built to replicate a real life grass court or an actual football field. It is lighter than most foosball tables. Green looks well stripped and quite free to retain the ball and not let it fly off the edges of the surface as well as give create control and ease to the movement of the ball. It also has a great arrangement for the red and black players in the game as well as nice stripes to separate the play area from the scoring area.

The Players

The players are quite light in nature, and colored both red and black.

Unlike many a manufacturer’s product where that smooth sailing effect isn’t actually felt, the warrior professional foosball table isn’t actually that way; it goes in line with the flat surface to give that sensation of a great football control and smooth play from and by the players of the game.


  • It is actually the official table of the profession foosball tournament.
  • It has a durable player composition with a lot of fluidity and friendliness around the table.
  • It is very affordable for the general public which should less be the case, since it is mostly recommended for professional foosball players.
  • It actually gives that feeling of professionalism to the person who is playing at both ends because unlike most tables, it pretty much challenges the players a little bit. Not saying that playing on the warrior foosball table is pretty hard, definitely not, it only brings a little more challenge than regular tables. At least, it is what the so called professionals play on.
  • One great achievement for the manufacturers of the warrior foosball table is that it is the only table recognized by the ITSF and USTSF federation. And they mostly say that the professionals play on the table for the quality it showcases while parents actually play it for the safety it carries.
  • The rod is a bit unique, a little bigger than most foosball tables but much more interesting to showcase the depth of ease which it provides its players.

There are definitely many other advantages to this great piece but these few just like the others all make the warrior professional foosball table a great buy.


Based on the advantages written about and the many reviews that have gone into describing the essence of this product I can hardly see any disadvantage to this product and would more than at point in time recommend it. It definitely walks the talk.


In summary, there are basically more ways to justify the advantages of using the warrior foosball table. Used by professionals and safe for both the home and hangouts. I can hardly say that the Warrior Professional Foosball Table isn’t a great buy. It simply is one great buy there can ever be.