What Does a Foosball Table Look Like

What Does a Foosball Table Look Like

The foosball table also known as the fuzboll, table soccer or table football is a game made to replicate the actual football game in an actual football field right from the very comfort of one’s home or any available outlet. Basically, the foosball is a game played on a foosball table, a table with 8 rods, table soccer figures spread out through the surface of the table with which a ball in the middle of the table and handles with which to control the figures.

The table basically replicates the experience of an actual football setting; two goal posts and a goal keeper at both ends, many of these tables have the white markings to separate the goal post from where the ball is first passed to kick off a game, just like an actual football match.

There are basic features that every foosball table must have and we would be looking right at them, to understand the way it is basically and what functions they play.

The Goal Post

The post of a goalie is basically based on the manufacturer’s specification or design, whether he is building his goalie to be a 3-man team or a single or two-man goal keeper, the size from where the white box is drawn is basically left to the manufacturer. But there is a standard i believe; like in the past it was known to be 1 3/8inches, 25/32 inches and so on.

Basically, the content is very visible to any lover of the sport. This is because it is the last active point of the arrangement on the surface of the table. A white box area so to say.

There are two of them anyways, because there are two teams on the board, each team has its own goal post from where the opponent has to score for a point.

The Players

The players are arranged in a two man, three men and four man forms, it is basically arranged from the back to the midpoint of the opposing half and the other team takes the other half of the table.

Some tables are built to contain eleven players but many others will take the 9 man team on each half of the table.

They are separated by different colors, some manufacturer’s design actually have their piece either as white or black or some other color variant.

The Steel Rods

Basically, the rods are used to slide the players through the ball to either side of the opponents half. If they were heavy or real iron bars, it might be quite difficult for them to be played or paddled with easily but there are basically very light steel bars that have plastic edges from which the players control the game and play it in the best way they can.

With these features comes quite so many deigns from various manufacturers. Take for example the following common types available for the general public.

  1. Warrior table soccer 8 man foosball table
  2. Imperial butcher block foosball table
  3. East point sports Newcastle foosball table
  4. Atomic gladiator foosball table
  5. Tornado sport foosball table
  6. Chicago gaming signature foosball coffee table
  7. Hathaway playoff soccer table
  8. Carrom 530.00 signature table

These tables are basically related in several ways and also distinct in some ways. For instance, the players are mostly hand painted and well constructed using very durable materials. The steel rods are chrome plated; some have adjustable leg levelers and so on.

The foosball table basically the expression of a real life football game.

Features of a Foosball Table

  1. The length is basically a 55.5” inches, 54” inches or 52” inches long.
  2. The table width has a 30”inches wide standard.
  3. A 36”inches high standard as described by the international federation of foosball federation.
  4. The external body of the foosball table is made of wood of different materials.

There are many more features that the table has, for example, the play field depth, play field size, back walls, side walls and so on.

Top Brands for Foosball Tables

  1. Bonzini
  2. Leonhart
  3. Roberto Sport
  4. Tornado
  5. Garlando and so on.


The foosball table can come in different sizes, width, height, shape or aesthetics but the overall attribute of the table is that it is basically a flat standing surface with robot-like players across a steel rod with chrome plates spreading across to the external parts of the table.

Each player which can go from 2 opposing players, one on each half of the table to four players, two on one half of the table against two on the half of the table. The table basically gives the same feeling of actually watching a football match.